Relationships with siblings are important in every child’s life, “they are children’s first relational experiences, the ones that shape their social and self-understanding for life”. (Estroff Marano, H. July 01, 2010)

Understanding these relationships is fundamental in order to encourage good ones. We can help our children get the best experiences out of their siblings, considering they will be long lasting relationships, they are the first approach to develop each social skill, and it will definitely impact their relations with others in the future.

As parents, it is important to know how to influence these interactions in a positive way in order to help them become individuals, stay together, solve their problems, and take advantage of all that siblings can offer to each other.

“When siblings learn to fight and to master their own conflicts, that is a formula for resolving conflicts for the rest of their lives”. (Estroff Marano, H. July 01, 2010)

Sibling relationships have a long trajectory and the relationships are forever changing. Building healthy relationships is vital; its future depends on family patterns grounded in childhood.

We recommend these two articles for you to read and take in some of the great strategies they offer, along with examples and research based opinions.

Oh, Brother!

Siblings are born to compete for parental attention, and the strategies they use wind up encoded in personality. Small wonder it can take a lifetime to work out sibling relationships.

By Hara Estroff Marano, from Pychology Magazine published on July 01, 2010

Easing Sibling Rivalry

Siblings are always sharing together, but when it comes to play time with peers, older siblings are likely to reject the younger one. Learn a few strategies on how to approach this situation.

By T. BERRY BRAZELTON, M.D., and JOSHUA SPARROW, M.D. from The New York Times Syndicate’s FAMILIES TODAY column. n.d.