Why ProEdu Consulting?

Why ProEdu Consulting?

Education is our passion, and has been our passion for more than 15 years. It is what drives every minute of our professional dreams. We believe in education as much as in the power of family. We believe that everything you do to enhance the wonderful journey of being part of the life of young minds is worth the time spent getting to know more and more about what they can do and their potential.

For us, education goes beyond a final grade.  As Challenge Success, an academic non-profit, states, “success after all, is measured not at the end of a semester, but over the course of a lifetime”

Let’s take a look at schools and families around us: are they unchanging?  Think about the communities: are the social demands the same? Think about education: is there only one way to teach and learn different skills? About schools and teachers, is everyone up to date about new strategies for the daily challenges? About families, are they all the same?

Everything is in constant flux, and that is why ProEdu Consulting stays current with research and practice to be the bridge between all this information and families, schools, and teachers.

We understand that education is comprehensive and dynamic, involves change, resilience, innovations, rethinking, training, and continuous involvement to enhance the learning process.

ProEdu Consulting offers research based courses, methodologies, strategies, and educational practices for educators and parents to maximize the quality of the learning environment.